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Foot per second
Unit system imperial/US
Unit of speed
Symbol ft·s-1
Unit conversions
1 ft·s-1 in ... ... is equal to ...
SI units 0.30480 m·s-1
Imperial/US unit(s) 0.68182 mph
Other unit(s) 0.59248 knot

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Metric Conversion
Kilometre per second [km/s]
Metre per second [m/s]
Kilometre per hour [km/h]
Millimetre per second [mm/s]
Micrometre per second [µm/s]
Imperial/US Conversion
Mile per second
Mile per hour [mph]
Foot per second [ft/s]
Nautical Conversion
Other Conversion
Speed of light [c]
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Human walk
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The foot per second (plural feet per second) is a unit of both speed (scalar) and velocity (vector quantity, which includes direction). It expresses the distance in foot (ft) traveled or displaced, divided by the time in seconds (s, or sec).

Abbreviations include ft/s, ft/sec and fps, and the rarely used scientific notation ft·s−1.

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