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Unit system metric
Unit of kinematic viscosity
Symbol cSt
Unit conversions
1 cSt in ... ... is equal to ...
SI units 1×10-6 m2·s-1
Imperial/US unit(s) 1.55-3 in2·s-1
Other unit(s) 0.01 cSt

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Metric Conversion
Stokes [St]
centiStokes [cSt]
Square metre per second [m²/s]
Square centimetre per second [cm²/s]
Square millimetre per second [mm²/s]
British/Imperial Conversion
Square foot per second [ft²/s]
Square inch per second [in²/s]

The cgs physical unit for kinematic viscosity is the stokes (St), named after George Gabriel Stokes. It is sometimes expressed in terms of centiStokes (cSt). In U.S. usage, stoke is sometimes used as the singular form.

Water at 20 °C has a kinematic viscosity of about 10−6 m2·s−1 or 1 cSt.

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