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Unit system metric
Unit of dynamic viscosity
Symbol cP
Unit conversions
1 cP in ... ... is equal to ...
SI units 0.001 kg·m-1·s-1
Imperial/US unit(s) 2.419 lb·ft-1·hr-1
Other unit(s) 0.01 P

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Metric Conversion
Pascal second [Pa·s]
Poise [P]
centiPoise [cP]
Kilogram per metre per second [kg/(m·s)]
Gram per centimetre per second [g/(cm·s)]
Newton second per square metre [N·s/m²]
Dyne second per square centimetre [dyne·s/cm²]
Imperial/US Conversion
Pound force second per square inch [lbf·s/in²]
Pound force second per square foot [lbf·s/ft²]
Pound per foot second [lb/(ft·s)]
Pound per foot hour [lb/(ft·h)]
Slug per foot second [slug/(ft·s)]
Poundal second per square foot [poundal·s/ft²]

The cgs physical unit for dynamic viscosity, the poise (P), is also named after Jean Poiseuille. It is more commonly expressed, particularly in ASTM standards, as centipoise (cP) since the latter is equal to the SI multiple millipascal seconds (mPa·s).

For example, water at 20 °C has a dynamic viscosity of 1.002 mPa·s = 1.002 cP.

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