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Kilogram per cubic metre
Unit system metric
Unit of density
Symbol kg·m-3
Unit conversions
1 kg·m-3 in ... ... is equal to ...
SI units 1 kg·m-3
Imperial/US unit(s) 0.06243 lb·ft-3
Other unit(s) 0.13353 oz·gal-1

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Metric Conversion
Gram per cubic centimetre [g/cm³]
Kilogram per cubic metre [kg/m³]
Gram per cubic metre [g/m³]
Kilogram per cubic decimetre [kg/dm³]
Imperial/US Conversion
Ounce per gallon (US) [oz/gal]
Pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³]
Pound per cubic inch [lb/in³]
Pound per gallon (US) [lb/gal]

As there are many units of mass and volume covering many different magnitudes there are a large number of units for mass density in use. The SI unit of kilogram per cubic metre (kg/m3) and the cgs unit of gram per cubic centimetre (g/cm3) are probably the most commonly used units for density (1000 kg/m3 equals 1 g/cm3) (the cubic centimeter can be alternately called a millilitre or a cc.).

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