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Unit system metric
Unit of area
Symbol cho
Unit conversions
1 cho in ... ... is equal to ...
SI units 99.1736 cm2
Imperial/US unit(s) 0.1067 ft2

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Metric Conversion
Square kilometre [km2]
Hectare [ha]
Are [a]
Square metre [m2]
Square decimetre [dm2]
Square centimetre [cm2]
Square millimetre [mm2]
Square micrometre [µm2]
Square nanometre [nm2]
British/Imperial Conversion
Square mile [mi2]
Square rod [rd2]
Square yard [yd2]
Square foot [ft2]
Square inch [in2]
Japanese Conversion
Other Conversion
Metric dunam
Cypriot dunam
Iraqi dunam
Greek stremma
Football pitch

Shakkan-hō is the traditional Japanese system of measurement. The name shakkan-hō originates from the name of two of the units, the shaku, a unit of length, and the kan, a mass measurement.

The tsubo, which is essentially the area of two standard sized tatami mats (tatami have an aspect ratio of 2:1, so two side by side form a square), is still commonly used in discussing land pricing in Japan. Note that actual tatami vary in size regionally, though legally the area of a tsubo is standardized. The larger units are also commonly used by Japanese farmers for discussing the sizes of fields.

One cho is equal to 0.003 tsubo.

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